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The worst street names in America

Are you ashamed of where you live, not because of the neighborhood, but because of the name of your city?

How would you like to live in either Blue Ball or Intercourse, Pennsylvania?  Cumming, Georgia?  Stoner, Colorado?  (well, that last one may be more appropriate now than previously, but still…)

Of course you can see a full list of EMBARASSING CITY NAMES at any number of places online…


…but we’re not here to talk about the more obvious cities with funny names list today.

Nope, today Web Watch is going to talk about THE WORST STREET NAMES IN AMERICA.

One just has to wonder if homes on any of these streets suffer from bad real estate pricing because of it.   Of course, there’s nothing stopping residents from these streets from petitioning their cities for an official renaming, but some would also argue that there’s some cache with living on a street with such an unusual name.

Here’s the list of bad street names. Click the above link for the map to each one so you can tour them on your own:

  • Broomrape Lane
  • Poopoo Place
  • Psycho Path
  • Dicks Street
  • Purves Street
  • The Ex Lax Building
  • The Crapi Apartments
  • Shades of Death Road
  • Borting Road
  • Mount Misery Drive