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11 Better Ways to Burn Calories Than What You’re Doing Right Now

What is your favorite way to exercise, burn off some calories?

Do you wear your FITBIT and try to get in your 10,000 steps every day?  Do you step it up a notch and jog a little bit instead of merely running?  Jogging is supposed to be the best form of exercise you can get, right?

Or are you more of a bicycle enthusiast, riding your bike for 20 miles because you can?

While jogging and biking are definitely good, one of these is much more beneficial to you than the other.

Yoga for Regular Guys
Yoga for Regular Guys

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What are the most walkable cities in America?

If you’re looking to move from your current home, what are some of the criteria that you use to select your new location?

It is solely based on affordability? Schools? Convenience to work?

Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time
Walkable City:
How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time

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Why women should stop riding bicycles

As if women needed to have another reason to worry about exercise and their bodies’ health, along comes another study that makes another medical connection that shows that the wrong type of exercise is actually bad for you.

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Save money by shortening your commute

Music For Commuting
Music For Commuting

The longest daily commute to work that Web Watch has ever had to do regularly involved a car, two trains, and a 4-block walk.  Surprisingly, under the best conditions, this 60+ mile one-way trek could be done door-to-door in an hour.

It wasn’t an hour trip very often.

And let’s face it – long commutes kind of suck.  No wonder people often decide to move their living situation to be closer to work.

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11 ways to enjoy bicycling with your dog

Dog on a Bicycle
Dog on a bike

Web Watch has many friends who are avid bicyclists.  They’ll ride their bikes every chance they get, and have even gone on month-long bicycle excursions across the country and around the world.

And why not?  They’re young, they’re healthy, and they follow the rules of the road – even stopping at traffic lights and stop signs like they’re supposed to so they don’t get hit by cross-traffic.

But the one thing these friends lament is that they can’t take their beloved doggie with them on these long bike rides.