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What your urine color says about you

We all know the common diet theory of drinking eight glasses of water a day. (We’ve heard variations on this that say that eight glasses is a misnomer, and you need to take your weight and divide that by 2 to give you the number of ounces of water to drink a day).

Regardless, you’re still drinknig a ton of water, no matter how you cut it.

But every body is different, so how do you know if you’re drinking enough water at all?

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You can tell by looking at your urine color when you pee.

If your pee is towards the clear side, then your body is hydrated.  If your pee is a darker color, then you’re definitely not drinking enough water.

But your doctor is always asking for a urine sample, isn’t she?  So why not take the time to see if THE COLOR OF YOUR URINE MEANS ANYTHING by looking at this linked chart.

  • If your urine foams, see your doctor
  • Pee that is one of the following colors indicates a lack of hydration:  dark yellow, amber, honey, orange
  • Brown urine is severe dehydration. If you’re drinking plenty of water, then go see a doctor.
  • Pink urine may be nothing, just based on recent food you’ve eaten, or it could be something more serious like mercury poisoning.  If that’s the case, see your doctor.

Web Watch is a little unsure why they decided to include PURPLE URINE on this chart.  You shouldn’t be surprised about what the chart says to do if your pee is purple.