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You’ll never guess who’s been voted the biggest liar, ever? (hint: it’s not Tommy Flanagan)

Remember Saturday Night Live’s Jon Lovitz and his pathological liar character, Tommy Flanagan?  The one who married Morgan Fairchild… whom he’s seen naked?

Well, Tommy Flanagan has nothing on THESE world-class liars in history.

Liar's Poker
Liar’s Poker

At least, that’s what VANITY FAIR and 60 MINUTES discovered when they researched who Americans felt were THE BIGGEST LIARS IN HISTORY.

More specifically, while they may be some rather prominent fibbers, the American public can be a little bit of a forgiving lot.

Bill Clinton, for example, has the public’s support in his lying ways.  43% of Americans polled said that the former President is most able to be forgiven for lying.  Apparently being a President stills earns a little respect.  Heck, even Richard Nixon had a 12% forgiveness rate.

Bigger question is WHO WOULD YOU RATHER FORGIVE FOR LYING?  Bernie Madoff or Lance Armstrong.

In this case, Lance Armstrong was vastly more forgivable, at 22%, over Madoff at 3%.  Apparently people don’t mind if you lie about a sporting event… but if you take our money, watch out.