Children’s drawings reimagined into awesomeness

Are you one of those parents who look at your child’s crayon drawings and know exactly what it is that they drew?

Or do you just mumble something along the lines of, “Oh, that’s very nice, dear. Let me put this in the kitchen for everyone to see,” where you then casually and mistakenly throw it away?

Because really, are any child’s drawings really any good?  Coloring books don’t encourage creativity – all they do is stifle a child’s natural tendency to create something that they like.

Coloring between the lines is for followers, not leaders.

Understanding Children's Drawings
Understanding Children’s Drawings

But maybe your child is a secret creative genius, and all it takes is a talented artist/mentor to help bring that creativity to the forefront.

That’s the secret behind IMAGINAWESOME, a website dedicated to reinterpreting a child’s most treasured personal drawings into classy works of art, suitable for framing.

All the site asks is for the following info:

  • A high-res scan of the original child artwork
  • The child’s first name and age
  • In their own words, a description of what the drawing is all about

From there, Garrett Miller will take that information and convert it to something that looks more realistic and presentable.

Hey look, a drawing of penguins on ice flows actually looks like real penguins sitting on real ice flows!