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Housework helps eliminate stress

Spring Cleaning time is here, so open up all your house windows and break out the Pine-Sol – it’s time to clean the house!

At least, that’s what a recent survey from professional cleaning folks STANLEY STEEMER say, as they’ve released results from their 2012 SPRING CLEANING SURVEY.

Clever Cleaning Tips
Clever Cleaning Tips

Here are some of the results that they came up with:

  • How much time do people spend on spring cleaning?  18% will spend an hour or less.
  • 8% would rather not sleep for 48 hours than go through a spring cleaning process… 9% would rather have a root canal than this.
  • People in the 18-34 age range look at house cleaning as a form of stress-relief, with 34% of those surveyed giving this as a reason for cleaning tasks
  • 47% have found cash while cleaning
  • 36% think that their current house is cleaner than the one they grew up in