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Elfster – Automating the Secret Santa Process

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the shopping has begun, it’s time for us to concentrate on that next favorite holiday tradition:  the SECRET SANTA GIFT EXCHANGE.

And organizing it can always be such a hassle.   You have to get everyone in a room together to draw names out of a hat, and in today’s workplace environment with people working from home or in satellite offices across the country, doing the Secret Santa selections this way is just old-fashioned. 

That’s why Peter Imburg came up with ELFSTER, the online gift-exchange site that does all the organizing for you.

Someone has to organize the event in the sytem initially, but from there it’s easy – anyone who wants to sign up for your event, no matter where they are in the world, can do so if they have the code.  Once the distribution date has been decided, Elfster sends out the randomly-determined matches to everyone.  That’s when the fun begins, and no more drawing names from the hat required!   (And no more “Oh, I drew my name – everyone has to throw their paper back into the hat for us to re-draw” situations ever again!)

From there, it’s the typical Secret Santa process of buying and sending gifts to the recipients.  And when everyone’s ready, the big reveal can take place any way you’d like it to.