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Does Santa Exist? The Physics of Santa Claus

Scientists have decided to prove conclusively whether SANTA CLAUS CAN PHYSICALLY EXIST or not, based on proven scientific method.

You will have to visit the site to see how they handled their calculations, but they figured out approximately how many homes Santa has to visit in a given evening (91.8 million), the number of total hours Santa has to work with due to the earth’s rotation (31 hours), giving us the total number of house visits that Santa would need to make per second (822.4).

Of course, they’ve also determined that Santa would need 214,200 flying reindeer, not the Super Original Eight Reindeer (let’s face it – Rudolph never was able to pull his own weight, he was mere decoration at the front of the hood).

The scientiest final conclusion is not a pretty one, after they added up all the math and determined the “best case” scenarios — all documented, of course.  But you’ll have to click over there to see what they came up with.