Santa Responds: Why didn’t he bring that gift you asked for?

Autobiography of Santa Claus
Autobiography of Santa Claus

Santa Responds to all of those letters that he has received over the years.

Here are some of the takeaways that we can all learn from the Big Man in the Red Suit:

  • Sometimes I’m not able to give children the gift they want, but I can give them a gift they’ll use and enjoy that is maybe the perfect gift for them at that moment. Part of believing in the spirit of the Holidays is trusting in that spirit.
  •  I would really love to bring gifts to Jewish children all over the world, and I am hoping at some point down the road we can add them to our delivery routes. Judaism is a terrific religion and Jewish children are some of the highest-rated kids on the Nice List. We made a handshake agreement long ago to allow Hanukkah to be a special holiday on its own… don’t forget, Jews get a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in which they pretty much have the run of the town
  • I think the question of whether I exist or not is something that makes the holidays incredibly special. And I don’t want to weigh in too much for one side or the other
  • It’s nice to get to talk to so many children. But, yes. My knee falls asleep all the time.
  • I actually am allergic to reindeer. I have to be careful about petting them without my mittens on