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Video Fun: What if laugh tracks never existed? What if they were everywhere?

Bag of Laughs
Bag of Laughs

Have you ever wondered what TV’s popular sitcoms would be like if they didn’t have a laugh track?

That’s right – they’d be just like real life.  In other words, not nearly as funny without the laugh track accompaniment telling us when it’s appropriate to laugh at others.

Let’s take a look at some TV scenes that have the laugh track removed and you’ll see what we mean:

Big Bang Theory

Yeah, Sheldon really isn’t as funny without that background laughter showing us that he’s intended to be amusing and not just a bit odd. And without the laughter, one has to wonder why Penny hangs out with these nerds.

Compare this to video clips that weren’t created with a laughtrack in mind, and you’ll see how just a little bit of chuckling can change the feel of an entire clip:

Like this scene from The Shining:

or Silence of the Lambs:

Think those are a little bit contrived? Why not watch a show that was just made to have a laugh-track added to it? Because really, doesn’t a laugh track just mimic what we’re typically doing while we watch these shows anyway?

Chris Hansen on Dateline’s TO CATCH A PREDATOR

As one YouTube commentor said: it’s like real-world Candid Camera!

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