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41% of us will take a nap on Thanksgiving day

Of all of the holidays in a year, Thanksgiving is typically the most stressful.

It’s a holiday where families are forced to be together. Forced to travel in crowded conditions. Forced to eat the same traditional dinner every year. Forced to rush out that night to get in line for those desired Doorbuster purchases.

Thanksgiving Box of Questions
Thanksgiving Box of Questions

So why not have a little bit of fun, asked board game manufacturer BUFFALO GAMES?

In a recent survey of 558 Americans, Buffalo Games found out the following trends regarding a family’s Thanksgiving traditions:

  • 48% of those who host the Thanksgiving dinner at their home begin preparations two or three days ahead of time
  • 55% of guests bring a host gift.  Of those bringing a host gift, 84% bring food such as a dessert.
  • 48% of hosts do not carve their own turkey, but instead pass the honor to their significant other
  • 64% said that they will watch football on Thanksgiving.
  • 56% said that they would play board games.
  • 41% said that they would take a nap sometime during the day
  • 52% said that they would go back for a second helping at dinner