How to eat healthy at Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving it’s the same thing: you eat as much as you humanly can, take a quick nap, then stuff your pie hole some more with food that wasn’t that good to begin with – let alone after it’s been sitting out and congealed for the past 4 hours.

But what if you want to eat a nice, healthy Thanksgiving meal?

WHAT ARE THE FOODS THAT YOU SHOULD BE PILING ONTO YOUR PLATE instead of shoving more buttery yeast rolls into your face?

Take these words of advice, and your Thanksgiving dinner plate will have you running out and doing aerobics in no time flat:

  • White Meat turkey is better than Dark Meat turkey
  • Green bean casserole – even with the mushroom soup and crunchy onions – is better than the sweet potato casserole
  • Take the pumpkin pie over the apple pie
  • Pick up that dinner roll (with butter) instead of the scoop of sausage stuffing
  • Gravy is better for you than cranberry sauce

If you want to know how much of a sacrifice you’re making by picking each of these foods, then click over the above link to see what the calorie and fat details happen to be.