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CONTEST: Design a toilet for the Moon, win $35,000

NASA is holding the LUNAR LOO CHALLENGE, a contest to design a toilet that can be used on the moon.

Yes, this will truly be a situation to “go, where nobody has ever gone before.”

Contest entries are due by August 17, 2020, and the winner will receive $35,000 (and possibly “an item of official NASA merchandise”).

NASA is fairly clear: space toilets are not new. But putting one on the moon is a bit complicated. Toilet facilities have evolved from the simplistic Ziploc-bag style containment system used on early space flights to the fancier toilets used on the International Space Station today

The requirements for the new space toilet contest are clear:

  • Reduce the size of the current toilet to 31kg
  • Reduce the volume by 70%.
  • Must be usable in both lunar gravity and microgravity situations
  • Entries will be judged on technical maturity, safety, and overall innovation.

Read more about the challenge, and submit your entry here: (alternative link: