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The latest perfume scents: bacon, poo, and semen. Luckily, not all at once

Scent of a Woman
Scent of a Woman

Who doesn’t like the smell if bacon?

Okay, besides most vegetarians and perhaps some religious folks — who doesn’t like the smell of bacon?

Well, Web Watch is still unsure about this new perfume, interestingly enough, entitled “Bacon” (pronounced bay-cone) – and it very well may be a prank product right now.  But perfume maker FARGGINAY has gone ahead and created just that.  A bacon-scented perfume.

No actual bacon is in the product, just “bacon essence”.  Of the two variations, one has a “spicey maple” aroma, while the other is a “sizzling citrus”.   And of course, the requisite “pinch of salty goodness”.

So is it real?  Considering their FAQ says that the company has “a kick ass attorney named Bruno [who has] been known to deploy hired goons”… we may take this fragrance exactly like we take our bacon. 

With a grain of salt.

But at least bacon-scented perfume is better than what Lady Gaga says that she’s introducing — a BLOOD-and-SEMEN SCENTED PERFUME.  Although technically, she says that it smells more like an expensive hooker than actual blood or semen scents.  Maybe “Eau du Hooker” would make a better name for this.

But since we’ve already seen WHISKEY MADE FROM HUMAN PEE previously, it doesn’t surprise Web Watch that an artist has turned to their poo to make a statement about the perfume industry.   Jammie Nichols has created SURPLUS PERFUME, a perfume made from his own poo.  Only 85 bottles have been made, so it’s not something that you’ll just want to rush out and buy at your local perfume counter.

Something tells Web Watch that this is one perfume that doesn’t smell like roses.

(via: Fashionista)