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How to Find an Internship or Job, Off-the-Beaten-Path

One common conversation topic I find myself having with my unemployed friends is that – after they’ve been unemployed for an extended period of time – they are willing to try anything, even if it means switching career paths. And frankly, some are using their job hunt time to switch to a career that they’ve always wanted to try.

But if you are out of the college market, what are some ways to discover new, interesting internships that aren’t necessarily in your own field of experience?  Sure, you could check the want-ads in the newspaper, but why not check out an intern-specific website like  ONE DAY ONE INTERNSHIP?

Similar to their partner website ONE DAY ONE JOB, ONE DAY ONE INTERNSHIP is a daily blog about available internships.  Each day a new company is presented, along with all their available internships.

Don’t like what you see?  Wait a day and see what’s next.

One Day One Internship recently had internships posted for Research in Motion (the folks behind the Blackberry) for Research and Development, Enterprise Marketing, and Technical Support; and Hershey internships in Food Technology, Industrial Engineering, and Information Services.

One Day One Job recently featured a job posted at for a Japanese translator, and jobs at Conde Nast for Promotion Copywriter and Promotion Coordinator.

The jobs are out there.  All you have to do is apply.