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What job has the lowest (or highest) unemployment rate?

Some people love the job they have, and would never leave it for anything.

Others will work a job for as long as they have to until something they perceive is better comes along.

Web Watch knows one person who quit their job, just because.  Didn’t have a go-to position, but just didn’t like what they were doing and then decided to try to “find themselves”.  They ended up taking a non-professional job just to get their foot in the door of an industry that interested them, and then quit that one a few weeks later.  For these types of people, a job is not a lifelong dream of a career built on love, but just as a means for bringing in some money to survive until the end of the week.

Little Victories: Conquering Unemployment
Little Victories: Conquering Unemployment

But if you’re going to go look for a new career, maybe there are some jobs that you should purposefully go out of your way to look for because those are jobs that have extremely low turnover and unemployment.  Or you could go the other path and focus on job areas with high areas of unemployment because there may be more opportunities available for a go-getter like yourself.


Here are some of the HIGHEST and LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATES for jobs:

  • Judge: 0.4% unemployment
  • Septic tank services: 0.9% unemployment
  • Veterinarian: 1.2%
  • Dentist: 1.5%
  • Gaming cage workers: 24.7%
  • Actors: 28.5%
  • Mobile home installers: 35.5%

That’s right – actors are severly unemployed.  So is that because there’s a glut of actors on the market looking for jobs, or because there really aren’t very many jobs to be had?  And does anybody know if these million-dollar earning actors, when between jobs, ever file for unemployment?  I’d hate to see our government dollars being spent on people who really do have enough to get by.

What about you?