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Fancy Fast Food

Eating at a fast food restaurant is not the most exhilirating experience.

Plastic forks and spoons (unless you’re lucky enough to get a spork), paper-lined plastic trays that have just barely been cleaned – if you count being wiped down by the dirty soap rag that also wipes down the fry machine as being cleaned, and harsh flourescent lighting that makes the drippy pasteurized processed cheese spread substitute look so appealing.

But somewhere beyond the paper sack, styrofoam containers, and greasy overwraps can be some nice food that’s just waiting to be let out.  FANCY FAST FOOD is a recipe site and photo blog that will show you, step-by-step, how to convert your typical carry-out fast food meal into a fancy delectible delight.

The rules of this Extreme Food Makeover are easy:  nothing additional can be added to the plate beyond non-edible garnish, and not Photoshopping.

This is how the #2 Value Meal (size large) at McDonald’s can be converted into the McSteak & Potatoes.  Sure, you may be rinsing the special sauce from buns to use as a salad dressing over the lettuce; you may end up throwing some of the ingredients into a food processor along the way.  But the meal will look significantly fancier.

Web Watch really likes how they took 2 Taco Bell Burrito Supremes and converted them into spicy tortellinis.  If you didn’t know where the ingredients came from, you’d think you were eating at one of those fancy restaurants.