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Extreme Weight Loss tip: take off your thong underpants

If you have a scale at home, how do you weigh yourself?

Most people agree that it really doesn’t matter how you weigh yourself, as long as however you do it, you do it consistently.  Always weigh yourself before your shower, after your shower, in the morning, at night — whatever you choose, just keep doing the same thing every time.

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Laura Ashley Women’s Variety Thong Set

Which probably explains why Web Watch’s doctor staff always say, “please leave your shoes on” when we get weighed during our physicals, as a way to ensure consistency in the medical records.

That also probably explains why the doctor’s scale always ends up recording a higher weight than when we weigh ourselves at home.  Those shoes, belt, wallet, keys, jeans, sneakers… all that extra baggage – literally – comes with its own hefty price.

But there are people that take their weight loss measurements so seriously that they REMOVE EVERY OUNCE OF CLOTHING THEY HAVE off their body in order to ensure that the exact measurement on the scale is precisely only displaying the value of their body weight, and not an ounce more.

Which leads to the woman (named “Thunder Pants” for anominity) who WEIGHED HER THONG UNDERWEAR in order to ensure that not one extra unknown ounce of fabric was unnecessarily present.

And she found that she should wear her thong beauty instead of her GRANNY PANTIES, as the thong underwear weight an entire ounce less than the more mature underpants she had been wearing.

So what’s YOUR secret to tricking the scale to weigh in your favor?