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Proof that music can make you drunk

There’s nothing better on a cool weekend evening than firing up some tunes and sitting out on the deck with some good friends and having a drink or two.

There’s a reason that people take great pride in their music atmosphere — it’s because a party without music is a bit of a downer.  Music really does help people have a good time.

Wine How Classy People Get Wasted Drinking Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign
Wine: How Classy People Get Wasted

And according to a STUDY BY LORENZO STAFFORD AND HANNAH DODD entitled MUSIC INCREASES ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION RATE IN YOUNG FEMALES, perhaps there really is a connection between why people like to have music played loud at bars, clubs, and other parties.

In the study, they asked women to drink a vodka drink while sitting in a room that had either no music playing, music with a slow tempo, and music with a fast tempo.

They found that the music-listening drinkers finished their vodka drinks faster than the no-music people.  There was no real difference if the music was hopping or a bit more mellow – as long as there was music, those listeners were slamming their drinks down with gusto.

So if you want to throw a party and not buy a lot of alcohol, be sure to keep the music turned off.  Your wallet will thank you later.