Quick: name the two rarest sexual fantasies people have

You have a fantasy that you haven’t told anybody about, don’t you?

It’s all in your head, and that’s okay. A fantasy isn’t a fantasy if it becomes real, right?

Britney Spears Women's Fantasy
Britney Spears Women’s Fantasy

According to a report in the JOURNAL OF SEXUAL MEDICINE by CHRISTIAN JOYAL, there are some sexual fantasies that are more common than others, and just a very rare — two — fantasies that are statistically so far out there that they show up on practically nobody’s wish list whatsoever.

Respondents were asked to select their own personal fantasies from a list of 55 different items — or as some would call it, “suggestions for later” — and there were some that just naturally became more popular than the others:

  • being romantic during sex
  • fantasies where the atmosphere or location were important
  • a romantic location

We know. BORING stuff here, right?

Men had two more common fantasies than women did — the ever popular “threesome”, and being on the receiving end of some special one-on-one action, if you know what we mean.

Women seemed to indicate that they fantasized about being submissive. Tied up, spanked – oh, yes, these were not considered uncommon fantasies for women in this survey.

As for the two fantasies that received the least number of fantasy votes?  They were:  bestiality, and unlawful sex with a minor (WHA? What researcher would even think of putting that down onto a selection list like this.  That’s just…. wrong.)

The point of this survey was to show participants that their fantasies really weren’t that different from other people’s fantasies.  No wonder Mr Roarke had a virtual monopoly on that island of his.