Twitter Users more likely to cheat on spouses, get divorced

If you’re a Twitter user, then you may want to pay attention a little bit to the following.

If you tweet a LOT, then you may want to pull up a chair – you’re going to be here for a while.

In the Belly of the Fail Whale: How Twitter Changed My Life In One Year
In the Belly of the Fail Whale:
How Twitter Changed My Life In One Year

According to a STUDY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM entitled “The Third Wheel: The Impact of Twitter Use on Relationship Infidelity and Divorce”: if you are an “active Twitter user”, you are significantly more likely to have “Twitter-related conflict” with your spouse or partner.

More significant was that the “Twitter-related conflict” would manifest itself in both emotional and physical infidelity or divorce.  There was a direct relationship — the more active one was on Twitter, the higher the percentage of conflict.

This correlates with an earlier study that talked about how being active on Facebook would also lead to conflicts and potential divorce, so one would think that this is an overall trend with active social media users in general.

While that’s basically true, it’s not entirely accurate.

The difference between the Twitter conflicts and the Facebook conflicts all had to do with the timing.  Facebook conflicts manifested itself more with younger, short-term relationships that were less than three years.  Twitter conflicts didn’t have any relationship timeline restrictions — conflicts arose no matter how long the couples were together, no matter how old the relationship was.