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How to find a bra that fits

All women seem to have this exact same problem. It’s universal:


Smart women will pay big bucks to the old ladies at the lingerie store (or bra department at the local department store) to get properly measured.  Hey, every woman is different – not all bras are made to fit every boob that’s squished into that lace.

But not every manufacturer adheres to the same measurement scale and sizing guidelines.

Oh, sure – they pretend to do so.  But women know that’s not really the case.

Unhooking a DD Bra without Fumbling
Unhooking a DD Bra without Fumbling
(it’s a book without the letter “E”)

So that’s where the ONLINE BRA DATABASE – a “Bra-tabase“, if you will, comes into play.

With the Bratabase, you’ll find out which bras will fit you best.

Women who sign up for the Bratabase can upload their own photos of what each specific manufacturer’s bra size and style looks like on them.  No more guessing as to whether the bra on the hanger will have unfortunate gaps or will cut into your ribcage.

Users can also enter additional comments about each bra (“plunge”, “t-shirt”, “underwire”) to help guide potential buyers towards appropriate bras.  With enough information entered by women from around the world, the Bratabase will allow you to cross-reference different bras/styles from different manufacturers.  Kinda like “if you like this bra, you may like this one too” recommendations.

One feature that may appeal to some women when trying to identify which bra is right for them is the Bratabase’s BOOB SHAPE GUIDE, where women can select from a display of their specific boob type for bra recommendations to address your individual needs.  Some of the descriptions you can select from include:

  • Narrow shoulders / Broad shoulders
  • Wide boobs / narrow boobs / close boobs / separate boobs
  • High nipples / low nipples
  • Pointy / big areolas

As we write this, we do have to point out that there are no bras listed as being appropriate for the “Surgically Enhanced” category.  Those ladies, apparently, are on their own.  Or don’t need to worry about what bra is right for them.