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What made you choose that career path? It may be your hormones talking

The Psychology of Sex, Gender, and Jobs
The Psychology of Sex, Gender, and Jobs

Hormones can make you do/say all sorts of stuff.

But did you know that your hormones can dictate what your eventual career path would be?

It’s true – according to a study of OCCUPATIONS WITH REGARD TO SEX DIFFERENCES, it all has to do with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), a condition that exposes fetuses to more androgen while in the uterus.  Girls that are exposed to higher levels of androgen have found that they are more interested in typically male-oriented interests.

The study found that girls with higher levels of CAH were more interested in “things” rather than “people” when it came to identifying careers that they were interested in.  “Things” were topics such as engineering or medicine; “people” were more along the lines of social work or teaching.

A study like this explains a lot about why some girls just love working on cars, watching football, and chugging beers – while other girls tend not to.  It’s not always the environment that they grew up in – it’s just hereditary, they came out of the womb like that.