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Most engagement rings cost less than $999

It’s been said that a wedding ring is supposed to cost two months salary.

We all know that’s a load of baloney.  It’s all marketing.

Seriously – all that “two months salary” thing is going to do is force kids to get married while they’re young and unemployed — that’s how you can keep that two months salary thing as cheap as possible.

Get Down on One Knee Without Getting Bent Over: A Modern Day Guide to Buying the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring
Get Down on One Knee Without Getting Bent Over:
A Modern Day Guide to Buying the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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How to save money on your engagement ring

Weddings can cost a lot of money. Web Watch has heard stories from our friends of their weddings costing tens of thousands of dollars — one even went into the six figures, partially courtesy of the location held high above Manhattan.

But just as there are many ways that can cause a wedding cost to skyrocket, there are plenty of other ways that the happy couple can cut down on the costs of some wedding specifics.

1 ctw. Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
1 ctw. Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Are you too old to wear a belly button ring?

Are you still wearing your high school gym clothes in your office gym?

Hanging out in your fraternity or sorority sweatshirt while you sit around the Chuck E Cheese with the other parents at birthday parties?

Do you insist on wearing your 1992 Olympics t-shirt for anything fancier than taking out the trash at midnight when nobody can see you?

If so, you may have a CLOTHING AGE PROBLEM, where you’re unwilling to part with those cherised apparel memories of a well-spent youth.

White Scorpion Belly Button Piercing
Scorpion Belly Piercing


Men are pervs, women are gold-diggers

Web Watch will just get right to the point:


Like we needed a study to tell us this.


When should you stop wearing your wedding ring?

Quick poll:  how many Web Watch readers are currently divorced?

We’d go with an average and say that at least 25% of you are… but we figure that may be a bit high of an estimate.

Even so, it wouldn’t surprise us if that were the case.  There do seem to be a large number of divorced people in this world, but they all seem to have the same question in their minds:

10 Things How To

How to be the perfect groom

Maybe Angelina and Brad have it right — just don’t get married (or, at the very least, tell the kids that you’re going to get married… even if it’s “eventually”).

Couples that we thought were in it for the long haul — Johnny Depp, for example — can even surprise us by separating.

Over the years, Web Watch has seen any number of our friends get married, get divorced, and get married again.  For some, it’s turned into a comedy of errors as to how long their current marriage is going to last – whether it will be shorter or longer than the last one.

It happens.

Marriage isn’t for everyone.