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5 things that big breasted women want you to know

I Love Boobies bracelets
I Love Boobies bracelets

Big-breasted women want you to know that there is more to them than just their big breasts.

Like, that their face — it’s up HERE.  Look up.

See?  Yeah, we thought so.  You can’t even tell what color her eyes are, can you?

Which is why Web Watch wanted to share these things BIG-BREASTED WOMEN WANTED YOU TO KNOW:

  • “I really envy all my small-chested friends” says Annie, a 19-year-old student with a 32LL bra size.
  • “My breasts are part of my personality”, says Sarah, a 36-year-old mother of two with a 36L bra.
  • “It can be lonely having breasts this big,” says 42-year-old Lisa, who carries a size 32M bra
  • “It’s hard to be trendy with a large cleavage,” says Elisa, a 25-year-old lingerie designer with a 32L bra.
  • “My boyfriend hates all the attention I get”, from Terri-Lee, a 20-year-old student who also is size 32L.

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I agree! I’m now a 32M and besides the fact that my back and neck feel like they are gonna break, I can’t find clothes that dont make me look fat or like a slut! And I can’t find bras bigger than Js! I don’t know anyone that makes any so if anyone knows of a website where I an find clothes and or bras for big breasts please help me!

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