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The Ultimate (and inexpensive!) Christmas Gift for your Dog

If you’re one of those people who like to give your dog Christmas presents, but are concerned that you might be spoiling them just a little bit, here’s a brilliant way to handle both your love for your dog and your love of recycling:

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How much are aluminum soda pull tabs worth?

Maybe you’ve seen a cardboard box for the Ronald McDonald House in your breakroom.

Maybe you’ve been told by your neighbor’s kid that there’s the same amount of money in this part compared to the entire rest of the trash you’re throwing out.

What if we told you that you’re basically wasting your time?

1,000 Soda Pull Tabs
1,000 Soda Pull Tabs

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How To Recycle Your Adult “Toys”

We can all agree that recycling is a good thing.

Web Watch fully supports not throwing computers and other electronics away to rot in a landfill, when they can be properly dismanteled and have parts reused or disposed of in an environmentally-safe manner.

That said, it appears that some companies take this recycling thing just a bit too far by requesting that we recycle EVERYTHING.

Including adult toys and novelties.