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What do you call carbonated beverages: “Coke”, “Pop”, “Soda”?

When you’re traveling around the country and you pull into the local diner, how do you answer when the waitress asks you if you’d like a Coke?

Do you assume that she’s asking you if you actually would like a Coca-Cola product, or do you think she’s referring to any beverage generically as “Coke”?  For some, a pop is a soda. For others, a soda is a pop.

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It all depends on where you lived and how you grew up. So let’s find out how you feel about the following products. What do YOU call them?

  • Carbonated beverage: Coke, Pop, Soda?  (Why not check out the POP VS SODA page and cast your vote?)
  • Deli sandwich: Hoagie, grinder, hero, sub?
  • Breakfast griddle cake:  flapjack or pancake?
  • Water fountain:  drinking fountain, water fountain, bubbler?
  • Ice cream topping:  jimmies or sprinkles?
  • Sofa, davenport, couch?
  • The inside of a peach: pit, kernel, seed?
  • Candy on a stick: lollipop or sucker?
  • Lightning Bugs or Fireflies?