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If you want to survive high school, don’t play lacrosse, soccer, or water polo

High school athletics are nothing to sneeze at.

For some, it’s a required part of the curriculum, intended to encourage healthy living and the strong development of young bodies still growing.

For others, it’s a way out of a podunk town and into a major university or professional career.

But if you participate in a solid high school sports program, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up hurt…. or even dead.

Lacrosse Street Sign
Lacrosse Street Sign

And with that, let’s share with you these 10 HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS THAT HAVE THE HIGHEST DEATH PERCENTAGES for its participants:

  1. Men’s softball
  2. Men’s water polo
  3. Men’s gymnastics
  4. Men’s football
  5. Men’s lacrosse
  6. Men’s basketball
  7. Men’s ice hockey
  8. Men’s soccer
  9. Women’s water polo
  10. Men’s cross-country

You’ll want to click through to see the percentages to gauge your real chances of dying during these athletic endeavors.