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Crap at my parent’s house

Crap at my parent's house
Crap At My Parent’s House

Joel Dovev knows his crap.

More specifically, he knows about the CRAP AT HIS PARENT’S HOUSE.

And all he had to do was take a photo of all the crap that he grew up with, and post it all online.  Look, he got a book deal out of it!

To be honest, Web Watch knows a little bit about the crap that can be found at our own parents’ homes.  And it ain’t pretty.  It’s one thing to take pictures of knick-knacks in order to have a good laugh, knowing that these are things that may have some sentimental value but are, in essence, things that could go straight into the trash with nary a second thought.

Here’s a thought for you:  will you look at the crap your parents have hoarded in a different light if you have to pack everything up for them and make that “keep or toss” decision as you load your tottering old folks off to their retirement home in Phoenix?  Everyone’s parents can be embarassing — but if you’re embarassed merely by knowing what is behind those closed doors, then that’s a different story altogether.

So, what’s the most embarassing thing that your parents have at their place that you just can’t wait to get rid of for them?