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Advice for women who hate sports, but love their sports-loving men

Web Watch is lucky that we love sports, and we surround ourselves with others who do as well.  (Although, to be honest, if we hated sports we likely would surround ourselves with other like-minded sports haters.  Funny how the world works, isn’t it?)

But we often hear about relationships that fail because HE likes to do things that are surrounding the College Football Game Of The Week, and SHE would rather not.   On the other hand, we have plenty of friends whose relationships thrive as the couples share the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat.

So what’s a woman to do when she absolutely, positively loves her man, but has 100% no interest whatsoever in the sports that he’s chosen to watch?

She's Got Game: The Woman's Guide to Loving Sports (or Just How to Fake It!)
She’s Got Game: The Woman’s Guide to Loving Sports
(or Just How to Fake It!)

Well, you could read the book shown above about how to fake loving sports.  It could work for you.

Or you can check out the WHILE THE MEN WATCH website.   It’s full of all sorts of helpful, handy tips that can make it look like you know what you’re talking about.


  • Use the boards!
  • Set it up, boys!
  • Attack!
  • Come on!  (pronounced “Cammon”)
  • Pull the Goalie!
  • Where’s the penalty?!
  • Say goodnight!

As an added bonus, on major game nights, they’ll have a special women-oriented sports talk show that you can listen to instead of listening to your man scream at the TV set.   They’ll cover everything from explaining the rules to the game (that your man steadfastedly will refuse to explain to you for a millionth time), to which coach needs a makeover.

Yeah, and they may actually even talk about the game itself.

Just check out the site for their upcoming broadcast schedule, read their blog for more helpful sports tips, and use what you learn hear as a way to show your man that you’re not only interested in HIM, but also interested in the same stuff that HE likes.