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GAME: The Array Game (or, as we like to call it, “A Bitcoin Simulator”)

If you have time to kill and enjoy playing lazy “click here occasionally” web games, Web Watch has an interesting one for you to put into your idle gaming bookmark folder.

It’s called THE ARRAY GAME, and it’s pretty straightforward.

Make as many “A” elements as you can.

Sounds pretty easy. You have a handful of various generators in front of you. The primary A-1 generator makes all the “A” elements you need.

The A-2 generator can make more A-1 generators, increasing your “A” output.

The A-3 generator makes more A-2 generators, which in turn will make more A-1 generators, producing even more “A” elements.

You know what the A-5 generator does? It makes A-4 generators. The A-4 generators will make more A-3 generators…. and down the line, you’ll end up making more “A”s.

What can you do with all those “A” elements? You can purchase “B” elements. If you have enough “B” elements, you can purchase some B-1 generators…. which, you guessed it… help make more A-1 generators so you can make even more “A” elements.

Then you see that you can increase your A production by having a solid supply of “B” elements being created. Okay, you can work with that.

Hang on a second — if we cash in all our B and A elements, we can start making some “C” generators? Which will help our “B” generation, and ulitimately result in making even more “A”.

Yup, there are levels all the way up to level “F”, if you have the patience to just keep clicking on the upgrades to keep things rolling. Rumor is that “G” and “H” levels are coming soon

Does this take any brainpower to master? No, not really. But then again, neither does bitcoin mining — and this game feels very much like what bitcoin mining is probably like. Gotta keep churning away at those numbers in order to advance to the next goal.