When attending a party, how late is too late?

Are you habitually early for appointments, or are you the type of person who is always showing up 10 minutes late?

Do you purposefully set your clocks ahead five minutes, to give yourself the impression that you’ll be on time if you only think that it’s 5 minutes later than it actually is?

Fashionably Late
Fashionably Late

Would you believe that the vast, vast majority of PEOPLE WILL ARRIVE AT A PARTY LATER THAN THE REQUESTED START TIME?

That’s the findings of a casual survey done by the number-crunching group at ESPN (who do more than sports statistics).

The craziest thing they found is that 1% of the people surveyed will ARRIVE AT A PARTY MORE THAN FOUR HOURS AFTER THE PARTY STARTED.  (How’s that for manners?)

Generally speaking, people are a relatively polite group.  Nobody really wants to show up to a party early (about 9%), and the biggest grouping of people (42%) will arrive to a party within the first hour after the party started.

But seriously – FOUR HOURS LATE?  We’ve heard of people showing up on the wrong day entirely (hey, it happens!), but FOUR HOURS is just – well, totally ridiculous.

How do you feel about showing up to parties late? Is four hours reasonable to you?