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Want to make more money? Don’t ask your overly-fertile boss for a raise if you’re pretty

Men – are you more comfortable or less comfortable working for a female boss?

Women, same question to you: do you prefer working for a male boss or a female boss?

Maybe it doesn’t really matter whether the person you’re working for is a man or a woman — but if your boss is a woman, you may want to hold off asking for that raise if your boss is pregnant.

The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise
The Art of Asking your Boss for a Raise

What?  Web Watch can’t be serious, right?

Well, it’s not us putting that survey out there — you should blame WELLESLEY COLLEGE for the news.

The study had women perform two tasks:  give out a raise, and then evaluate that person on their attractiveness.  The study found that the prettiest people would receive an average of 25% less of a raise if the boss was in their fertile monthly cycle.  The low-fertile staged bosses would give more money to the prettiest people, up to 20% more.

The takeaway is that the fertile bosses felt threatened by the pretty people, and the less fertile cycles led to less threat.  Margery Lucas, the professor who ran the study, said that when it comes time for asking for a raise, employees may want to be aware of their bosses’ menstrual cycle and their own attractiveness level.

Web Watch doesn’t recommend marking these trends on the conference room whiteboard.  You may not end up getting that raise if your boss figures out what you’re doing.