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Video Fun: Singing at the Fast Food Drive Thru

It’s a tired comedian point of view: nobody can ever understand the fast-food worker at the other end of the drive thru order speaker.

The order comes back mumbled, they never get anything right when you order at the drive thru. You’re always stuck behind the mom with the 14 different orders for each member of the baseball team in her minivan (along with 14 different payments for each one).

Yup, the drive thru can be a real blah.

McDonald's Electronic Cash Register Set - Bonus 10 piece Drive-Thru Playset
McDonald’s Electronic Cash Register Set and
Bonus 10 piece Drive-Thru Playset

Unless you’re THIS guy.


More people should take the time to liven up someone else’s day, like this guy did at his local Sonic restaurant drive thru.

How can you watch this and not (a) smile, and (b) kick yourself for not doing this first?