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The definitive guide to The Sopranos final episode (“Did Tony Die?”)

THE SOPRANOS was, as everyone who’s seen the show has said, a milestone in television history.  There are very few television series that can get that amount of water cooler talk going these days, although some have tried (*cough* The Red Wedding *cough*).

But with The Sopranos, it really did hit its peak with the final episode, which is widely considered THE BEST FINAL TV EPISODE EVER, even though Entertainment Weekly said it was only worth the #10 spot on their list.  Go figure.

Sopranos: The Book: The Complete Collector's Edition
Sopranos: The Book: The Complete Collector’s Edition

For those of you who missed it, here’s the clip of the final scene. It really is worth watching again.


Which brings us to this site: THE DEFINITIVE EXPLANATION OF “The END” – which does a phenomenal shot-by-shot analysis of David Chase’s vision and construction of James Gandolfini’s final scene (nay, the entire series) and how it does provide that desired piece of closure on the series to the viewer, without the viewer even realizing what’s being done.

So, does Tony die at the end of the series?  Watch the above clip, then click through to the EXPLANATION to get the full behind-the-scenes look of what’s going on.

It’s really worth the read.