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50 Things that the Internet Has Made Obsolete

As we become more-and-more invested in using the Internet and other new technology, more and more things are becoming obsolete as they are being rendered useless.

Payphones?  No longer needs as everyone has a cell phone.

Telephone books?  There’s a huge cutback on printing and distributing them as everyone just looks numbers up on the Internet or calls 411.

Ethernet cords? Why bother running a 20′ long cable from the wall to the kitchen table if you can go wireless?

In that vein, the Telegraph has decided to put together their list of 50 THINGS THAT THE INTERNET HAS KILLED.

The list includes:

  • Listening to an album all the way through
    Why listen to an entire album when you can hear just the singles as needed?
  • Being on time
    No need to be on time if you can text that you’re running late.
  • Stealing a peek at Dad’s hidden Playboy stash
    When there’s free Internet porn everwhere you look, why go rummaging around the house?
  • The art of letter writing
    Because sending off an email is so much easier.
  • Gathering on the sofa flipping through the family photo album
    It used to be romantic on a first or second date, right?  Flickr just doesn’t cut it.
  • Not knowing who won the big game until the next day’s newspaper comes out
  • How to read a map and figure out directions
    Google Maps is the best. Double true.