Funny Internet shopping

Want a laugh? Etsy has some really odd stuff for sale

found on ebayTrolling through eBay auction listings can offer a laugh or two, with the misspellings, grammar, and unusual photographs with naked people in the background of shots (the infamous eBay teakettle, anyone?).

Have you wandered over to  Etsy is an auction site just like eBay, but instead of offering ready-made items available at the local store, Etsy is a community of sellers who make their own items for sale.  Some have called Etsy an “eBay for arts-and-crafts”.

So, with that in mind, Web Watch is proud to point you towards REGRETSY, a site dedicated to pointing out the really odd and unusual things that people have made out of bits and pieces that they are now trying to sell.

Among the more recent items found on the site: