A Public Service Announcement from Web Watch: Stop being stupid on the Internet

By web gangsta | Published:

People do a lot of stupid things on the Internet.

Here’s one thing that you need to NOT do:

AMEX card


First, you’re probably stupid for having a debit card in the first place.   Web Watch never understood why, aside from the financial reasons of making a little extra cash on the side, that banks decided that a dedicated ATM card wasn’t good enough for the masses and decided to force debit cards on their customers whether those customers wanted those darn things or not.

That’s right – debit cards are dumb.  You can’t use them like a regular credit card since all those “cash holds” really eat up your day-to-day liquidity.  You can’t use them at the gas pump (ours has signs all over that say if you’re using a debit card, you have to go to the booth — and even then, you’re limited to how much gas you can buy).

They may be “insured” by your bank for misuse, but they can be misused a lot more easily than a credit card can.

We’re just saying.   Hey, if a debit card works for you and you haven’t had any problems — all the power to you.  Go for it, keep up the good work.  You’re one of the few in the minority of happy debit card users.

So let’s get back to those photo-posting folks, shall we?

If you’re one of Those People who like to post their debit card on the Internet, guess what?  You just opened up your bank account to be more easily hacked into than you may like.

Don’t believe us? Let’s see how long this image stays online:

Just got my debit card in the Mail...mad as shyt they spelled my name wrong

Just got my debit card in the Mail...mad as shyt they spelled my name wrong