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How To Fold a Piece of Paper in Half, 12 Times

Danica Mckellar is best known in some circles as that cute chick from the TV show The Wonder Years, but as thousands of math nerds will attest, she is much, much more than that.

She is a math genius and has the published papers to prove it.

Britney Gallivan is also a teenage math genius and if her photo is any indication, she and Danica have proven that math nerds can be pretty too.

Actually, Britney has proven something much more difficult:  that it is POSSIBLE TO FOLD A PIECE OF PAPER IN HALF 12 TIMES.

For years and years, shows on PBS and elsewhere have stated that it is physically impossible to fold anything in half, then in half again, (and so on) more than 8 times.  Go ahead and try it, you’ll see how difficult it can be.

Take any size sheet of paper you’d like and try to fold it in halves more than 8 times.  You just won’t be able to do it.

But Britney has not only done it, she’s also figured out how it’s done mathematically.