Movie Review

Movie Review: Over the Hedge

Rating: a solid B

The good thing is that it’s not necessary to know the characters from the comic strip ahead of time.  I’ve tried reading the comic in the past – I don’t find it overly funny.   Maybe I’ll try reading it again based on the movie to see if my opinion of the paper version has changed.

Animation?  Not as good as Pixar’s work

Laugh-level?  I laughed more during ICE AGE 2.  It’s still amusing, but not bust-a-gut-funny-ha-ha.

Storyline?  Interesting enough.  Good characters.

Music?  Mostly reworked Ben Folds stuff (“Rocking the Suburbs / over the hedge version”?????  You’re kidding me, right?)

Action sequences?  I enjoyed the “mission impossible” aspect of how the
animals would achieve their goals more than I enjoyed the similar sequences in MI:3

And while there aren’t outtakes, I do recommend sticking through all of the

Overall, I had a good time… but I’m *really* looking forward to CARS in
two weeks.