Movie Review

Movie Review: Grindhouse

Rated R for blood, language, blood, violence, blood, boobs, blood, and zombies. And more blood.

Rating — overall concept: B+. Tarintino’s part: C. Rodriguez’s part: B+. The fake trailers and commercials: A

If you love B movies with lots of zombies and blood and useless violence and gratuitous splatter shots and just plain fun, then you’ve got to see this. If you do not enjoy those late-night bloodfests with lousy direction, dialogue, and gratuitous splatter shots, then you will not enjoy this film.

The trailers and commercials and other aspects of the film that make this *look* like it’s been played over and over and over again from the mid-70’s until now? Perfect.

When it comes to the double-feature aspect, the only thing I’ll say is that the first film is a lot more exciting and interesting and funny throughout vs the second film. The second film is classic tarintino with tons of dialogue that really doesn’t seem to have any purpose in the film; I even started to nod off in parts of it. But the “climactic ending”, as some reviews have called it, IS worth sitting through to see it to the end.

Yes, there’s tons of gore. It’s done a little bit for shock value and a lot for humor. See it with a large crowd of people who don’t mind cheering at that stuff. Oh, and there are tons of fun cameos. Well, maybe not “tons”, but enough to make it interesting.