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Who Are These Guys?

Remember a few years ago when Web Watch was one of the first to bring to you ONE RED PAPERCLIP, Kyle MacDonald’s quest to trade up from one red paperclip all the way up to a house? 

If you haven’t followed the completion of the story, Kyle did succeed in finally getting a house… along with a book deal, speaking engagements, and a possible movie out of the whole thing.

But Kyle didn’t want to stop there, as he had more Internet-related ideas in his head.  WHO ARE THESE GUYS was his next brainchild, where he simply posts a random picture that he obtained from somewhere – and asks the simple question of “Who Are These Guys”?   Your job is to check out the picture and find out if you can identify them.

So far, he has a few hundred responses, ranging from “The Bay City Rollers” to “A drug cartel” to “The Do RunRuns”.  Reading the comments, it doesn’t look like a definitive answer is coming anytime soon.