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Can you name all of Heinz’ 57 Varieties?

Heinz 57 Varieties

You’ve seen Heinz’ giant pickle logo, proudly talking about Heinz’ 57 varieties.

You’ve even had Heinz 57 sauce on your Cheeseburger in Paradise, along with some lettuce and tomato and french-fried potato.

But can you name the other 56 Heinz varieties?

Yes, it’s a trick question.

According to THE STRAIGHT DOPE, at one point there were not just 57 varieties, but over 1,300!   Henry J. Heinz just thought that “57 Varieites” was an interesting marketing slogan.

But there must be some truth to the matter, as at one point HEINZ PUBLISHED AN ADVERTISEMENT SPECIFICALLY LISTING THEIR 57 VARIETIES.

Because Web Watch like to help, here are just ten of the listed 57 varieties you may have missed out on:

  • Heinz Oven-baked Beans with Pork and Tomato Sauce
  • Heinz Oven-baked Beans without Tomato Sauce, with Pork – Boston Style
  • Heinz Oven-baked Beans in Tomato Sauce without Meat – Vegetarian
  • Heinz Chow Chow Pickle
  • Heinz India Relish
  • Heinz Evaporated Horse Radish
  • Heinz Pepper Pot Soup
  • Heinz Gherkins – Sweet or Sour
  • Heinz Fig Pudding
  • Heinz Salad Cream