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Here’s why nobody wants to look at your vacation photos

How to Take Great Vacation Photographs
How to Take Great Vacation Photographs

Web Watch, like many of you, loves to take vacation photos.  We all do it, in part, as a way to remember where we’ve been and seen, but also to capture those moments that we can later reflect upon as being relaxing, happy times with special someones.

Of course, as we review our own vacation photos, they mainly end up being about the food we ate rather than the places we went. C’est la vie.

And we wonder why people don’t often want to look at our vacation photos when we offer.

Interestingly, a study has come out that explains exactly this.

It ends up that people just don’t appreciate generic photos that could be of anything in particular that would be considered “beautiful scenery” – they like to LOOK AT PHOTOS THAT CONTAIN PEOPLE OR MAN-MADE LANDMARKS instead.

The study displayed a series of images to individuals, then later asked them to recall what they saw.  It was those photos that contained either people or a man-made object that drew the most memorable responses.

Web Watch doesn’t know why a study needed to be done for this, as our own research with friends supports this entirely — except in our case, nobody really wants to look at pictures of food that we ate and they didn’t.  It only serves to make them jealous that they couldn’t share in our gastronomical joy.