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Swimming pools are filled with sweat, saliva… and more

How many of Web Watch readers own a swimming pool?

Thought so.  It’s always a popular item for your FRIENDS to have, but it’s seldom something that you want to invest in yourself.  Some have said that a swimming pool is just a hole in the ground that you throw money into.  Add to the equation how hard it can be to sell a house that has a swimming pool — some people won’t mind or will openly embrace the pool being there.  Others will turn away from the pool at all costs, even if the rest of the house is perfect.

Sometimes owning a swimming pool just isn’t worth the time, hassle, and money for maintenance.

SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner
SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner

So what about a public pool or neighborhood watering hole?  Or a resort hotel?

While you may take great pride in maintaining the chlorine level of your own pool to maintain the proper anti-bacteria levels, can you be that sure in a more public place?  Have you ever witnessed a resort hotel employee measuring the chemical balance in the resort pool throughout the day as drunk people splish splash their way from end to end?

No?  Neither have we.

And why is this something you should be concered about?  Because HEALTH DEPARTMENTS HAVE TOLD US WHAT IS IN YOUR POOL WATER.

And wouldn’t you know it – it’s basically every body fluid known to man.  And that’s because according to the study linked above, EVERY INDIVIDUAL WHO ENTERS A POOL BRINGS WITH THEM 1.4 grams of fecal material.

And that’s pool poop in addition to the sweat, perspiration, urine, saliva, and farts that swimmers leave behind as they play Marco Polo or participate in a swim meet.

No wonder Michael Phelps liked swimming in the lead all the time — he didn’t want to be swimming in someone else’s sweat.