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How much money does Flappy Bird made a day?

Remember when Web Watch told you HOW MUCH MONEY CANDY CRUSH MAKES PER DAY?

Around $800,000 dollars per day.

Well, there’s a new challenger to the casual game money market, and takes even less skill to play than matching three candies in a row.

Flappy Bird Hints
Flappy Bird Hints

It’s FLAPPY BIRD, and all you have to do is flap your wings to fly through an obstacle course.  Not too challenging a game, not a lot of thinking needed – but with most money making games, it’s all about the execution of it.

So how much MONEY IS FLAPPY BIRD MAKING for its creators?

Only aboug $50,000 per day, strictly in advertising fees.

The game is totally free to play.  Doesn’t cost you a thing.

And isn’t that a nice change of pace over the dinging of $1 here and $1 there that KING is making people jump through hoops on over at Candy Crush?  It is nice to be able to play a game and not have to worry about paying up some money in order to continue.

We’ll take $50,000 a day – that’s just $1 million in 20 days.  Enough to retire on.

Whose parents told them that “sitting around playing games all day will never pay the bills?”

Who’s laughing now?