What is the Made Up Words Project?

By web gangsta | Published:

Every family has their own words or phrases for real-life things.

It could be a nickname for underwear (“gotchies”), or something a bit more insider.  Nicknames for siblings due to a pronounciation problem.  Even descriptions of neighbors can be turned into verbs, as Web Watch told you many, many years ago when discussing SECRET FAMILY WORDS.

Made Up Words
Made-Up Words

While not the first to try to compile a listing of family words and phrases, the site MADE UP WORDS is a project that you could turn into a game around your house.

We give you the word — you have to give us what you think the definition of that word happens to be.  Let’s try a few on for size:

  • Schmoodle
  • Poopatoma
  • Bang
  • Barking Spider

Now, pop over to the Made Up Words Project and see how close you were. Are there words that you use around your home that should be shared out with the world?