How much did you pay for your video gaming console system? (Probably too much)

By web gangsta | Published:

How many video game consoles have you owned over the years?

If you’re of a certain age, we’ll assume at least one Atari, one Playstation, and one XBox – but there were dozens of other systems that you likely have rotting away in your closet right now.

Intellivion Greatest Hits
Intellivision Greatest Hits

But ask yourself – was owning those video game systems considered money well spent?  A wise investment on your part?

Maybe, maybe not.

It all depends on whether the games were priced well and carried over value when inflation is taken into consideration.  And that’s what we see when we take a look at THIS GRAPH THAT CORRELATES PRICE TO INFLATION.  Let’s take a closer look:

  • The original price of the MATTEL INTELLIVISION is the same as what the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii, and Gamecube are worth if you consider inflation
  • Today’s price for the Playstation 4 is what the original NES, PS2, and XBox were worth after inflation. Interesting that the XBox 360 is considered LESS expensive than the original XBox.
  • By far, the most expensive systems to have purchased were the NeoGeo or 3DO. Did you know anyone who had those? Likely not.
  • The 80’s must have been a rough time. No surprise that the Intellivision outpriced the Atari 2600 over the years

There are other interesting pricing comparisons to make if you check out that graphic. Share some of your observations in the comments below, along with any surprises you may have found about your own purchased systems.