How to collect every baseball card ever made

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Everyone has a collection of some sort.

Some people collect spoons, some people collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts from cities they’ve been.  Some people do the Disney or Olympic pin trading thing, while others focus on specific types of artwork, or books.

Sure, it could lead to hoarding — but if your friends go out of their way to get you an item “because you have so many other things just like it”, then you just may already have a collection of sorts.  And maybe it’s time to get some new friends.

Tim Wallach PSA GRADED 9 Montreal Expos (Baseball Card) 1983 Topps #552
Tim Wallach PSA GRADED 9 Montreal Expos (Baseball Card) 1983 Topps #552
1988 Topps Baseball Silver Coin #59 Tim Wallach
1988 Topps Baseball Silver Coin #59 Tim Wallach
Tim Wallach Montreal Expos (Baseball Card) 1992 Topps #385
Tim Wallach Montreal Expos (Baseball Card) 1992 Topps #385

But sometimes collecting can turn into a bit of an obsession.

Take Corey Stackhouse, for example.

Corey is a bit of a baseball nut, some would say.  He just happens to like one particular player — TIM WALLACH.  Nothing wrong with this, as many people enjoy cheering for their own sports hero.

But Corey is trying to one-up every other baseball card collector out there — Corey wants to COLLECT EVERY SINGLE TIM WALLACH BASEBALL CARD THAT EXISTS.

That’s right, not just one of every card ever made — he wants to literally corner the market on Tim Wallach cards.

Web Watch is duly impressed with this singular goal.  It’s clear, it has a purpose, and some would say it is reasonably obtainable.

Of course, Corey doesn’t know that there’s at least one person out there who is secretly hoarding their own Tim Wallach card, in the hopes that if Corey does actually succeed in tracking down and owning every other card that was ever made — that Corey would pay a hefty price in order to obtain The Last Tim Wallach Card in the wild.  How much would that card be worth to you, if you knew that you held in your hands the key to fulfilling Corey’s final quest?

Would you take money, or would you offer it in trade for having your karma bank filled with the goodwill earned by giving that card away for free?

What would you do.  What would Tim Wallach do?

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