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37 Things To Do If Captured by a Flying Saucer

Web Watch cares about its readers.

That’s why, as a public service announcement, Web Watch is proud to bring you this LIST OF THINGS TO DO IF CAPTURED BY ALIENS AND ABDUCTED ONTO A FLYING SAUCER OR UFO.

  1. Learn your captors’ language, so you can communicate with them.
  2. Space aliens often have psychic powers.  Have them teach you how to develop your own
  3. Ask for a jumpsuit.  You’ll feel less of an outsider.
  4. Most alien spacecraft have large viewing windows with comfortable chairs.  Take advantage of the view.
  5. Most alien spacecraft also have a social area or lounge.  Listen to the music on the jukebox.  It may not be your kind of music, but you may learn something
  6. Chances are, you were not the only person abducted.  Spend some time tracking down the others.

There are 31 more things listed, all of a practical nature, to help enhance your abduction experience and make your return that much more rewarding.